working Backend for Nokia Maps .. Maploader (S^3)

Backend for Nokia


Firstly please check out the Delight Announcements on
All About Symbian
2018, 2020, 2021

and Max's Delight Page
and Telegram Post

Delight Users can simply activate this Mod in the DelightApp


by editing one line in
c:\private\10202be9\20029c4a.txt ..
mapLoader downloads files from
instead of the defunct oviServer.


mapTars can be installed again thru mapLoader..

All Countries are available. ( except usa )
as 25gb hosting maxedOut

So northAmerica is limited to most of Canada..

not available..
USA: all .. IDs:10 & 10000-100052 7gb
Newfoundland/Labrador ID:11004 39mb
Prince Edward Island ID:11007 8MB
Canada (Whole) ID:11 1gb

All other countries are fully available !
( and the big regions of Canada )

Hosting is till summer 2023.
( so get Your maps )

download : mapLoaderMod


Walktrough for getting additional maps loaded again thru mapLoader ..

As the original server has been turned off in 2018,
all mapFiles are now available via this alternate server.

Currently the hosting runs till summer 2023.
If this gets extended..
well, let's see

The zipFile : mapLoaderMod

1. contains one text file to replace the centralRepositoryURL of the dead oviServer.
2. another zipFile that provides a clean e:\cities folder.
3. a more elaborate howto.readMe

just unpack that first zip somewhere and copy :
20029c4a.txt to c:\private\10202be9\20029c4a.txt

next : delete

If there is a working e:\cities folder
( e.g: with old mapLoader downloads )

just reboot & run mapLoader.


In case nokiaMaps has not yet run at all,
or mapLoader has not yet been correctly connected..

It is best to rename an existing citiesFolder to e.g: citiesBAK,
and extract the fresh to e:\

Now You should be good to go.

If you find any files that persistently refuse to load ..
send a mail to any adress at this domain

& again : the usa is not available !